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Its been more than a year and a half since I left Bessemer Venture Partners to join Pinterest. Since then, Ive taken quite a few meetings and phone calls from junior VCs or MBAs asking about my transition from VC to operating. By far, the most common question I get from this bunch is something along the lines of, Did you learn anything actually useful in VC?约一年半前,我从柏尚风险投资公司(Bessemer Venture Partners)请辞重新加入了Pinterest。自那以来,我遇上过、也收到过一些年长风投人或MBA们的电话,告知我就是指风投转型到营运的所学。迄今为止,我遇上过的最少见的问题大约就是“你从风投行业教给了什么确实简单的东西?”Yes.是的,我们今天就来聊聊这个话题。1. I learned how to ask the right questions. Anyone can ask questions. But learning how to ask the right questions -- to use questions as a mechanism to uncover the hidden truth in a companys business model, or the tradeoffs in an engineers architecture, is something that comes with training. VCs spend a huge amount of their time asking questions, and thus learn the craft of asking the right ones. This skill has been enormously valuable to me as I transitioned to Pinterest.1.我学会了发问。



2. I learned how to read people. In my first performance review at Bessemer, people judgment was one of my weaknesses. Id now say its one of my strengths. As a VC, youre constantly meeting founders and building your pattern recognition for reading people. This skillset is particularly useful when youre in a business or corporate development role but, as with asking the right questions, its one of those horizontal skills that will serve you anywhere.2.我学会了识人。我在柏尚做到第一次绩效评估时,诸法人是我的一个弱点。现在,我可以说道这是我的强项。


3. I learned how to learn. In VC, youre constantly ramping up in a new area. Each company you evaluate comes with its own ecosystem that needs to be understood. Similarly, trends in the tech ecosystem turn over so quickly that, if you ever stop adapting and learning, youll quickly become a dinosaur and wont know a Snapchat when you meet one. That drive to constantly learn will help you adapt to new environments and challenges.3.我学会了自学。风投行业的人常常要硬着头皮理解新的领域。你评估的每一家公司都有独有的生态系统,必须你去理解。类似于的,科技生态系统的趋势变化这么慢,一旦暂停适应环境和自学,人迅速就不会变为老古董,连什么是Snapchat都不告诉。


这种持续自学的动力能协助你适应环境新的环境和挑战。Theres a flipside to these three though:但这三点也不存在另一面:1. In startups, youve got to answer the questions. One thing I learned early on at Pinterest is that my muscle for asking questions was a lot stronger than my muscle for answering them. As with asking questions, theres an art to answering questions well. Its been good to exercise this skill.1.在初创公司中,你必需问问题。我在Pinterest很早已了解到的一件事是,我的发问能力近超强问能力。


2. I didnt learn how to read an organization. VC firms tend to be smaller partnerships. Although Bessemer was about 45 people when I left, I was never in an office with more than 10 people. As Pinterest has grown from 30-odd people when I joined to more than 200, Ive had to learn how to navigate a company. People who have come from larger companies definitely have a leg up in this regard.2.我不告诉如何理解一个的组织。风投公司往往是规模较小的合伙企业。



3. Im not specialized. VCs rarely specialize. Sure -- I knew the e-commerce ecosystem cold, met with countless consumer companies, and quite a few adtech companies, but that doesnt compare to spending several years working at Google. But youve got to start somewhere ...3.我没专长的领域。风投资本家很少专长某一领域。当然 -- 我很理解电子商务生态系统,我胆识过大量的消费公司和广告科技公司,但这都不比不上在谷歌(Google)工作几年。

但凡事总有个开始...Good luck!祝你好运!。





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